God of War Key Art

Here is a crop form the key art I did for the latest God of War game a while ago.
Check out my artstation: for the whole image and even more crops
Most of the credit for this image should go to amazing people of Sony Santa Monica who directed this piece and provided absolutely fantastic assets for it.
A very special thanks goes to Luke Berliner who helped me greatly when I was struggling with this beast (by far the biggest image I have ever done, adjustable layering, multiple composition options, pure madness). He is a great artist and even better human being, and I wish I could have him around in all my endeavors, not only art related but also normal everyday stuff like picking my outfit in the morning or getting groceries. Hes support and advises were that helpful ;]
So there it is, enjoy guys and once again big thanks for Sony Santa Monica for letting me be a small part of this amazing project.